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HACKDANCE - the 1st-ever hackathon concurrent with Sundance!

Hackdance: the first celebrity-driven social impact hackathon kicks off on January 16th, & you're invited to take part in this historical event!  Your mission: partner your tech skills w a celebrity passionate about changing the world to design apps/hacks that use technology to create social impact.

--> Join 1 of our 5 celebs' teams to create an app to help change the world!

Celebrity Team Leaders:

Mekhi Phifer
Fabien Cousteau
Golden Globe Winner Alex Ebert (of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)

Sarah Austin
(plus suprises!)

PERKS: The hackathon's host is the Collective: DisruptFilm Summit, a VIP, invite-only Sundance experience!  So your team will meet people like filmmakers, successful entrepreneurs, VC's and influencers who can help accelerate your hacks.  Plus, you get to attend exclusive parties and events, all free of charge (a $3,200 value!).

Highlights of the summit:
VCs from Mayfield to Khosla to Mohr Davidow to LaunchHouse 
Panels featuring speakers from Twitter, CAATechcrunch, FourSquare, Youtube, Facebook, Funny or Die
Keynotes by Nelson Mandela's grandson, Simon Sinek (TED Speaker, Author), Matt Mickievicz (founder, 99Designs)
Influencers including Adrien Grenier, Olivia Wilde's Ryot.org, and Lauryn Hill
Entertainers Calvin Harris, KaskadeCapitol Cities, DJ Robert DeLong, DJ Chuckie & more

We've booked out the entire Lodges at Deer Valley for our guests & own the popular 738 Main Street venue.  Luxury lodging, the best nightlife, daily breakfasts, free shuttles, and access to movers-and-shakers are all included with your Hackathon Pass. Visit www.disruptfilm.com for more info, but sign up for hackers is here on our Splash page.

How it works:
- First: apply to participate!
- The accepted developers, designers, & visionaries will drive or fly in & hack for 48 hours (& then enjoy Sundance and The Collective's events).
- Hacker/celeb teams will compete before our judges, all key founders/leads from FourSquare, YouTube, 99Designs, Tagged & Hired.com,
- Awards include a $5,000 cash prizes and in-kind goods - from legal work to bad-ass wearables to incubation.
- The winning team gets to join the PITCHFEST & pitch alongside full-fledged companies for investment from TOP VCs!
- Once the hack is over, enjoy the perks of being at an exclusive tech event at a luxury resort ... at Sundance!

The Catch:
There isn't one.  Caveats: you have to get yourself there.  
NOTE: all hackathon projects must be new.  No prior development or coding permitted.  You may come with an idea, but all work must take place within the 48 hours.  
Our Story:
Hackdance was created after the organizers saw a key element missing from social impact hackathons ... after the hacks were made, they rarely saw the light of day and thus rarely made a social impact. Hackdance solves this by "hacking Sundance" to align the key resource of celebrity influence with the hacking teams to ensure that their projects have a way to reach the general public.

Lodges At Deer Valley

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Oh, the things we will see!

Ski Slopes

Sundance Film Festival

Main Street

Deer Valley Resort


Hackers arrive, meet and great, and set up. 

Celebrities and leaders from Social Impact Groups describe problems they want solved. The we form teams and start hacking 

Have some wholesome breakfast, on us.  No, not ON us.  Like, we will feed you.  Geez you're sleep deprived.  

Keep building, get that design done, get those prototypes up!

Probably skip breakfast, because the deadline is coming up, and you're freaking out.  But it's there if you want it. 

Pencils down!  Projects DUE

Pitch!  You get 5 minutes and 5 slides.  Then will be asked questions.

Have fun & enjoy Sundance, events, networking, parties!


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HackDance Hacker, Jan 16th-18th TICKET DESCRIPTION

Congrats! You've entered to be a part of the first-ever Hackathon during Sundance. You will be notified of your entry status shortly. If accepted, you will need to arrive at The Lodges at Deer Valley on Thurs, Jan 16th in Park City Utah to begin the Hack!

Ended: 1/15, 11:59pm EST
Team Mentor / Code Sensei TICKET DESCRIPTION

If you want to lend your support/code skillz/technical help to the teams on this Hackathon, this is the ticket for you! We want you to come aid - if you're in the area - in the creation of some really cool social-impact apps! Please show up at Lodges at Deer Valley, at your convenience, between Thurs 16th, 2pm and Sat 18th 2pm. AWARDS are at 2pm on Sat. ps - be respectful of our high profile and celeb guests. No autographs please.


If you like early-stage (and super early-stage) deal flow, this ticket is for you. Alternately, if you like the thought of celebrities hacking, this ticket is for you! You'll see some amazing projects come to life. Judging and presentations start on SATURDAY, JAN 18th, at 2pm, in the Lodges at Deer Valley in Park City Please present a business card upon check-in at event.

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